Tax Law for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are faced with many questions while planning their own company, such as the right choice of legal form, personal security and business planning. As your strategic partner, we will be pleased to advise you.

Due to inexperience, important legal, tax or  business aspects are often overlooked, which ultimately leads to the failure of the business. In order to avoid this, we will assist you with our many years of experience.



Our range of services for you includes:

• Assessment of personal qualifications and suitability for start-ups and self-employment
• Advising clients on the appropriate legal form
• Preparation or assistance in preparing a business plan, e.g. preparing the application for a start-up grant from the Federal Employment Agency
• Assessment of the sustainability of a business start-up in accordance with § 57 Par. 2 No. 3 SGB III
• Corporate expense/expenditures, earnings, capital requirements and financial planning, revenue and profitability forecast, liquidity plan
• Questionnaire for registration with tax authorities
• Application for tax identification number, VAT tax identification number, exemption certificate according to § 48 b EStG
• Establishment of an accounting system
• Preparation of sales and income tax pre-registration for the tax authority
• Personal security for company founders