Tax Law for Business

As a competent legal consultant for all forms of legal entities, we develop tailor-made concepts according to your individual needs while considering legal as well as tax aspects.

We see ourselves as "scouts and guides in the tax jungle". Our consulting philosophy is not characterized by indiscriminately saving taxes but creating an optimal tax strategy for your individual circumstances, a detailed and when possible longer term tax plan, current management analyses and ongoing personal support. It is our consideration of the past, present and future which distinguishes us.

For us, tax consulting is more than just adding up numbers and filing complicated tax forms. We are counselors, not just calculators.



Our range of services for you includes:

• Tax assistance for accounting and bookkeeping (financial accounting, payroll accounting) as well as annual balance sheet
• Preparation of all tax returns
• Review of all tax decisions and administrative acts of the tax authorities as well as relevant business and professional associations
• Attendance and support at external audits (tax audit, payroll tax audit, special VAT audit) by the tax authorities as well as reviews by health insurance and pension funds institutions
• Submission of appeals against administrative acts with tax authorities
• Represention at tax authorities and in tax courts
• Tax model planning and implementation